Vinland Saga Director Drops a Season 2 Tease

When it comes to Vinland Saga, fans want as much as they can get. The anime became a hit upon the [...]

When it comes to Vinland Saga, fans want as much as they can get. The anime became a hit upon the debut of its first season. As you can expect, fans have waited anxiously for word on a second season, but none has been found so far. But thanks to a tease from the anime's director, it seems a second season is all but certain to happen.

The update came from Shuhei Yabuta over on Twitter. It was there the director of season one posted a sketch of three familiar characters. The panel comic shows Thorfinn, Askeladd, and Canute in a row. The trio is shown speaking, and their conversation is all about season two of Vinland Saga.

"How long must we wait," Thorfinn asks before Askeladd chastises the boy's impatience.

"This is why I hate kids," he answers. That leaves Canute last to speak, and the man says season two will probably come out soon.

There is more to the tease than this conversation though. Yabuta also added some runes to his sketch, and they translate to something interesting. The runes spell out "sea son two" which sounds exactly like season two. Clearly, Yabuta is done toying around with fans about a new season, and netizens are grateful for the update. After all, it has been too long since Vinland Saga season one aired, and there has been no word of it continuing since.

Of course, there have been rumors about season two. Back in December 2019, a rumor cropped up suggesting a new season was in the works. The word came from the user Spytrue, a notorious anime insider within the fandom. There has been no word since then, but given this latest tease from Yabuta, it seems like Spytrue was spot-on with their scoop.

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