Vinland Saga Season 2 Drops Part 2 Trailers

Vinland Saga's second season has flipped the script when it comes to the story of Thorfinn and what he does now that revenge has been denied him. With the first season finale throwing a monkey wrench into the anime protagonist's goals, these latest episodes have mostly focused on Thorfinn and his new friend Olmar farming. Now, war is coming to Thorfinn thanks in part to his old pal Canute, who has been crowned the new King of England thanks to his political maneuvers. To hype fans up for season 2's second part, a new trailer has dropped. 

Following the death of Askeladd, Vinland Saga Season 2 saw a despondent Thorfinn doing some serious growing in terms of what he wants from life and how he has moved past the battlefield. Being granted the opportunity to farm for his freedom, Thorfinn and Olmar are coming ever closer to becoming free men but are soon to see a very different problem arrive on their patch of land. As Canute moved in the shadows and in the open to make his dreams become a reality, the owner of the farmland, Ketil, has been placed in his sights and a fight of a very different kind is set to erupt.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Part 2 Trailers

Vinland Saga's anime adaptation shared new trailers for part 2 of Season 2 that feature both the new opening and ending themes. While this season hasn't had nearly as much bloodshed as the one that came before, it looks like that's all about to change thanks to Canute's machinations. With recent episodes seeing Thorfinn swearing to never hurt another living soul, it should be interesting to see if the future events will have him picking up a sword once again.

Much like the situation with Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga saw the series handing the reins from Wit to MAPPA when it came to producing a new anime season. With Wit Studio finding success with the likes of Ranking of Kings and Spy x Family, the studio's departure from the viking epic hasn't slowed the animators down. Should Vinland Saga be renewed for a third season, it will be interesting to see which anime studio takes the reins. 

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