Your Name Director Teases His New Post-Apocalyptic Project

While much of the world is looking to Demon Slayer at the box office, the success of Your Name can [...]

While much of the world is looking to Demon Slayer at the box office, the success of Your Name can never be forgotten. Makoto Shinkai's sleeper hit still stands as the top-grossing anime movie in the world after beating Spirited Away to the punch. Since its release, Shinkai has moved on to other hit projects such as Weathering With You, and it seems his next film will focus on a post-apocalyptic tale.

The details came from Shinkai himself as the director spoke with TV Asahi recently. It was there Shinkai spoke about a wide variety of topics, and he did say the theme for his next movie has to do with what happens to humanity after the end has come.


"It's a story where something major happens that one's own power can't do anything to affect. By making this film, I want a part of people to think, 'We'll somehow manage to get by, won't we?'" The coronavirus is a large-scale disaster, but over the decades of our lives, we'll experience many forms of disaster, I think. Many things in society will come to a dramatic end, or be dramatically changed, but even after that, people will continue to find a way to survive," Shinkai explained.

The director admitted that the ongoing pandemic had a large hand in influencing his new anime. Shinkai began penning the script at the same time the Japanese government put the country into a state of emergency. As such, the director says "the mood of the times is inedibly etched" into the script he wrote.

"I want to make a film that depicts the things that we have to confront after the end of the world," Shinkai further explained.

While fans can expect some sort of romance to lead this movie, it will be interesting to see Shinkai tackle this genre. There is no shortage of post-apocalyptic movies in the world, but none of them carry the silk touch which Shinkai has. So before long, it seems the director will be able to share this vision of his with us all.

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