'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Gets One Fairly Odd Makeover

It looks like childhoods are colliding these days thanks to Butch Hartman. The famed Nickelodeon [...]

It looks like childhoods are colliding these days thanks to Butch Hartman. The famed Nickelodeon created is the one responsible for shows like Danny Phantom, and he's bringing his cartoon world to the anime universe. After all, the artist did just give Yu-Gi-Oh! a makeover, and fans cannot unsee its colorful results.

Taking to Twitter, Hatman posted a bright crossover of The Fairly OddParents with Yu-Gi-Oh! And, as you can see below, Yugi Muto is ready to d-d-d-duel with Timmy Turner by his side.

Obviously, Yugi looks a whole lot different here than he usually does. His anime eyes are gone though the hero still rocks some pretty large peepers. Hartman made sure to line the protagonist's eyes with liner to make them pop in a way Atem would approve of, and the animator nailed this character's gravity defying hair.

A drawing of Yugi by Butch Hartman from r/yugioh

Oh, and Timmy appears to have been turned into an actual Duel Monsters card. There is no word on what kind of card the boy makes up, but fans can only hope the Nickelodeon superstar sets up a trap. Poor Joey and Kaiba would never know what hit them if that is the case.

This adorable anime mash-up is an unexpected one, but fans who keep updated with Hartman should not be too surprised. Over the last few months, Hartman has shared a slew of crossovers featuring Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, and more.

Last year, Hartman even teamed up with Crunchyroll to give The Fairly OddParents a full-on anime makeover. The artist did an anime-style imagining of Timmy Turner and his fairy godparent comrades taking on Mr. Crocker. The fight paid homage to classic series like Dragon Ball, and Hartman told fans he took on the crossover because he is a big fan of the anime industry.

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