Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Goes Viral for Perfectly Recreating Joey's Famous Chin

One surprising Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay has gone viral for perfectly tapping into Joey's now infamous chin! Kazuki Takahashi's original manga franchise has gone far beyond where it first began. While it was originally imagined as a much darker series full of magical death games, the series took a major turn once card games were introduced to the fold and became the new core of the series overall. Now it has since gone on to multiple sequels and multiple releases of a real life trading card game as a result. But it wouldn't have gotten than far without the initial appeal at the beginning of it all.

But at the heart of all this success is the original group of characters that made an impact on fans in one way or another. This has been especially true for Joey, who has gone on to live a whole new life far beyond the end of the anime and manga thanks to fans always calling attention his aggressively sharp chin. Now artist @pumpkin6non on Twitter has gone viral with fans for not only pulling off a perfect cosplay, but also pulled off that infamous chin. Check it out below: 

If you wanted to check out Yu-Gi-Oh! and see more of Joey's chin for yourself, the entire original manga run from Kazuki Takahashi can now be found in Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump vault with a paid subscription. As for the anime, you can now find it streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. They tease the series as such:

"Meet Yugi and his best buds Joey, Tristan and Téa. They share a love for the newest game that's sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters! Legend has it 5000 years ago, ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used to play a magical game very similar to Duel Monsters. This ancient game involved magical ceremonies, which were used to foresee the future and ultimately decide one's destiny. They called it the Shadow Games. Since the game used so many magical spells and ferocious creatures, it wasn't long before the game got out of hand and threatened to destroy the world."

What do you think? How did you like Joey in Yu-Gi-Oh's original series? Where does he rank among your favorite characters in the series overall? Where does the first series rank among your favorite releases in the franchise as a whole? Let us know all of your thoughts about Yu-Gi-Oh and everything anime in the comments!