Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Rolls Out Yugi's Best Look

When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, fans will do whatever it takes to show their love for the classic series. Even new fans cannot help but relish in the anime's nostalgia, and despite its newer series, everyone has a soft spot for Yugi Muto. After all, the hero put Yu-Gi-Oh on the spot years ago, and one fan's cosplay for the duelist is getting all the love online for the right reasons.

The piece comes from hannibananicosplay as you can see here. The netizen has cosplayed a ton of anime looks to date, and Yu-Gi-Oh is one of their latest. As you can tell below, they brought Yugi Muto to life in a new photoshoot, and it is impressive to say the very least.

The first thing this cosplay does is catch your eye with its wig. Yu-Gi-Oh is notorious for giving its protagonists wild hairstyles and even crazier colors. The wig in this shoot is perfect without looking cartoony, so you know Yugi and Yami would approve.

As for the rest of the look, Yugi comes to life with a spot-on uniform that is basically pulled from the anime. The piece also features Yugi's treasured Millennium Puzzle, and they are armed with a Duel Disk. The tech looks perfectly textured in this shoot, and these details make this Yugi cosplay one of the best out there.

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If you want to check out more of Hanni Banani's looks, you can follow them on Instagram! Their page can be found here, so be sure to follow. 

What do you make of this take on Yugi? Which other series should this cosplayer tackle next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.