Clever Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Crafts the Perfect Kaiba with a PlayStation 5

One clever Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay has crafted the perfect Seto Kaiba cosplay with the help of the [...]

One clever Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay has crafted the perfect Seto Kaiba cosplay with the help of the PlayStation 5. Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh manga might have started with a much darker origin, but it's not the version of the franchise fans have come to love today. With the introduction of card games into the mix, the series morphed into a completely unique and wild series with tons of memorable characters and monsters. The best result of this shift is most likely the deuteragonist of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, Seto Kaiba, who took on a whole new kind of character following his initial debut.

Despite the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and manga eventually resulting in several new spin-offs over the years, one of the characters that remains a clear favorite even over the original protagonist is Seto Kaiba. Kaiba's slick design plays a role in how memorable he's been over the years, and now Low Cost Cosplay has tapped into this look with the help of a decidedly not low cost PlayStation 5 video game console. Check it out below:

When the PlayStation 5 console first started to make it out to the public at large (as difficult as it seems to be for those seeking it out), one of the most viral connections anime fans made to the new system was that Seto Kaiba's white coat look was a dead ringer for the PlayStation 5's outer shell. Thanks to Low Cost Cosplay's expert eye for translating anime looks through random objects, now we know for sure that a PlayStation 5 can be used for a fun last minute Kaiba look! The trouble now seems to be actually being able to purchase one, however.

Although Kaiba played a major role in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, he along with many of the other series favorites disappeared in the follow up releases of the franchise. But with the first opportunity to bring him back in the Yu-Gi-Oh anniversary film The Dark Side of Dimensions, the team clearly enjoyed having Kaiba play a significant role in a Yu-Gi-Oh story after such a long time.

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