Yu-Gi-Oh Fans Goes Viral Over New Augmented Reality Prototype

Yu-Gi-Oh's anime didn't just blend magic into the card tournament game, giving Yugi Moto and his friends the perfect platform to show off the many creatures of Duel Monsters, but it also blended in technology that we have yet to see in the real world, but one fan is looking to change all that and has created an astounding "augmented reality" system to help re-creates some of the biggest duels. Though there have been plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh! video games, known have been able to capture the duel discs created by Seto Kaiba in the first season of the anime franchise!

Currently, the age of Yugi Moto, Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, and their friends that battle against terrors from the ancient past of Egypt has come to a close, with a number of seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! focusing on brand new characters in entirely new environments. The latest season of the franchise is Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, focusing on the youngest protagonist of the anime, Yuga Ohdo, which introduces the concept of the "Rush Duel" to the series that made the card game a big hit among anime fans. Though we don't foresee Yugi taking the reins of the franchise in the future, we definitely foresee the series continuing far into the future.

Reddit User BramWarSX shared this amazing app that uses augmented reality to try to recreate the virtual reality duels that took place in the anime series, allowing fans to see their duel monsters take to a virtual battlefield and battle it out for duelist supremacy:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Augmented Reality - Smart Duel Disk & Duel Gazer Prototype from r/yugioh

The creator of this Augmented Reality App went into detail about the homage to Yu-Gi-Oh! that they are currently working on:

"Smart Duel Disk: an app that runs on a phone that the user wears on their arm. It will be similar to Duel Links but the main difference is that the duel field is horizontal instead of vertical


Smart Duel Gazer: an app that runs on a phone / AR headset / AR glasses that the user wears on their head. It will receive the events from a duel and visualize them (e.g. summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the duel disk app, show the 3D model in the duel gazer app)."

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