'YuYu Hakusho' Voice Actor Nobuyuki Furuta Passes Away

Today, the anime industry is taking a moment to mourn the loss of one of its own. New reports have surfaced confirming Nobuyuki Furuta's sudden passing.

According to Sports Nippon, the vetted voice actor passed away on August 29th at 8:10 p.m. Furuta died at Kawasaki City Hospital after suffering a ruptured aneurysm in his bronchial arteries. The voice actor was 59-years-old.

If you are not familiar with Furuta's name, then you may know his voice. The actor worked in the anime industry several times over the years, but he is best-known for voicing Sakyo on Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files. The actor also worked on series like Ginga Hyoryu Vifam and even provided the Japanese dub of Matt Parkman on Heroes.

For anime fans, they will likely remember Furuta for his tenure on Yu Yu Hakusho. The actor's work as Sakyo debuted in the show's 23rd episode when Sakyo made his first appearance. The villain is known for his eccentric behavior as Sakyo helped run the Black Black Club. The demon smuggling syndicate is one Yusuke and other heroes often tangled with.

You can read up more about Yu Yu Hakusho below. Our thoughts are with Furuta's loved ones at this time.


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