Yu-Gi-Oh Gets Epic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Statue from First 4 Figures

Yu-Gi-Oh fans have gotten some great merchandise over the last year, but it is time for hardcore collectors to listen up. One of the most popular figure brands is about to release their take on Seto Kaiba's favorite Duel Monster. After all, First 4 Figures is giving the Blue-Eyes White Dragon a makeover, and it looks epic to say the least.

"First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest PVC statue collectible, Blue-Eyes White Dragon! This is the first statue to release in the all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! PVC lineup," the figure's description reads.

(Photo: First 4 Figures)

If you are wanting to get the Definitive Edition of this Yu-Gi-Oh figure, then you will have to pay up. The statue costs $350 USD at the moment, and it is expected to be released in Q3 2021. The early bird pricing ends on January 20, so fans will want to nab the piece before it goes away.

"The statue's concept is inspired by the scene in the anime where a battle ensues between Pharaoh Atem and a Priest Seto possessed by his evil father, Priest Akhenaden. The possessed Seto summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the stone tablet it's contained in to attack the pharaoh, and although Blue-Eyes manages to take out the pharaoh's Dark Magician, Pharaoh Atem remains unharmed as the spirit of the original owner of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Kisara, manages to expel Akhenaden from Seto's body and passes onto Seto the power of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The patterns on the sides of the base are reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian times, which is when the battle took place," First 4 Figures writes about the statue.

"The base is made out of resin and has a wind effect surrounding Blue-Eyes White Dragon as if it was just summoned. Beneath its left foot is the stone tablet it's contained in, and on the sides of the base are the stats of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card: a Level 8 Light monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. The orbs that show the Monster Level and "Light" Attribute have LED functionality in them as well."


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