It's Time To Duel With The Dark Magician In This Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay

Yu-Gi-Oh! has introduced a bevy of monsters and spell cards to the world of anime since [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh! has introduced a bevy of monsters and spell cards to the world of anime since introducing fans to the world of Duel Monsters alongside the main duelist in Yugi Moto, and one fan has decided to bring one of Yugi's most trusted cards to life with a cosplay of the Dark Magician. Though the Dark Magician hasn't been used nearly as often since Yugi has given up the reins as the main protagonist of the anime series, he remains one of the most recognizable duel monsters to be spawned from this card-battling franchise!

Though the days of Yugi Moto's adventures are long done, the franchise of Yu-Gi-Oh! marches forward with the latest series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, following a much younger duelist than the one we began the series with, it's clear that the original duelist's legacy lives on. Each season hasn't just introduced us to a new hero, but also has taken the time to create strange new environments for duels to take place in, from alternate realities to universities that are made explicitly for the reason of training a new generation of duelists!

Instagram Cosplayer Cosplay of Color shared this take on the Dark Magician, whose magical abilities had helped save Yugi and his friends countless times from the Shadow Realm throughout the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, making him one of the most popular cards within the franchise:

There have been no hints about Yugi Moto making a return to the franchise following the end of the first storyline, though considering he remains the most popular of protagonists from the series by far, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see this recognizable duelist return at some point in the future. This year has been tough for the franchise of Yu-Gi-Oh!, alongside many other anime franchises, as the coronavirus didn't just delay the release of several episodes of its anime, but also made it so that real-world card game tournaments for the franchise could not be played in person! Hopefully, 2021 is brighter for the series that introduced the world to the Dark Magician!

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