Yu-Gi-Oh Art Turns Yugi Into Dragon Ball's New God of Destruction

Yu-Gi-Oh may have had its heyday back in the day, but the franchise is far from dead. In fact, the [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh may have had its heyday back in the day, but the franchise is far from dead. In fact, the shonen series is making a comeback these days with its card game and nostalgic nature. This all works for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom as the group has grown as of late, and one artist decided it was time to mix the series with Dragon Ball Super.

The piece came from the Instagram user sevensignsart this month. The artist hit up followers with an epic collaboration between Yu-Gi-Oh and two of the strongest warriors in Dragon Ball Super. So if you ever wanted to see Yugi Muto become a God of Destruction, well - here is your chance.

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As you can see above, the mash-up turns Yugi into a god after Beerus' own heart while Whis caters to the one and only Dark Magician It is almost hard to recognize the fighter given his extreme makeover, but it suits the magician pretty well.

Yugi is dressed just like Beerus with just a few color tweaks. The hero is showing off his tanned skin in this God of Destruction outfit, and Yugi's golden hair is on display. This look suits the hero's alter ego as Yami lives for this kind of style. After all, the Gods of Destruction are loosely inspired by Egyptian gods, and Yami was once a feared pharaoh of that time.

As for Kaiba, the duelist looks terrifying in his angel outfit, and his look is fairly simple. The Dark Magician has tailored his outfit to embrace the color purple, and his staff goes with his usual one. It is rather odd to see the Dark Magician sans a hat, but the Grand Priest has to draw a line somewhere. So if this is how the Dark Magician has to look, we give the outfit 8,000 life points.

Want to see more artwork from Seven Signs Art? You can find their Instagram right here!

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