Yu-Gi-Oh Goes Viral Thanks to Some Sick Trading Card Jeans

Yu-Gi-Oh has made a comeback in the last few years thanks to a rather surprising source. If you aren't plugged into the anime or trading cards already, you may have been introduced to Yugi through fashion. After all, anime has become something of a niche within the fashion community. And thanks to one fan, they have made Yu-Gi-Oh go viral thanks to their custom trading card pants.

The look comes from an Instagram user we should all check out. Thanks to voidreincarnation, fans of Yu-Gi-Oh have a new look to aspire to. After all, they made a high-tech pair of jeans that honor Duel Monsters in the best way, and you can find them below.

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As you can see, these jeans feature a straight leg and acid wash at their base. Then, the fashion designer went wild with some Yu-Gi-Oh touches. Of course, there are card pouches from the thigh down that allow fans to deck themselves out with their favorite cards. And to make things even better, the jeans feature LCD screens that you can customize.

The post shows these screens in action, and they feature moving images of a famous monster. After all, no pair of Yu-Gi-Oh clothes can be complete without the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. As you can tell, Kaiba would most definitely approve of these pants, so we could see him wearing these. Now, we just need a pair of leather Dark Magician pants for Yugi, and then we will all be set!

What do you think of this look? Which Yu-Gi-Oh cards would you rock in these jeans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.