Stan Lee Cancels MegaCon Appearance, Update On Other Conventions

Last year, there was an outpouring of concern when Stan Lee canceled a convention appearance without much explanation. It was later revealed that Stan Lee had canceled because he was getting a pacemaker. After the cancellation, Stan Lee appeared at several other events and by all accounts appeared to be in great health.

Now, word is circulating online again that Stan Lee has had to cancel on two scheduled appearances. As previously reported, Stan Lee canceled his appearance at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention with organizers stating, “he is physically unable to travel and appear for this weekend’s events due to illness.”

Earlier today, Megacon announced via their Facebook page, “I regret to announce that Stan Lee has canceled his appearance at MegaCon 2013. We received the call late last night. He is okay, but is taking a small break from doing convention appearances.” MegaCon is scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida in March 15 through March 17.

Stan Lee is also scheduled to appear at Wizard World Conventions in Portland on February 22 through 24 and in St. Louis on March 22 through 24. With the other cancellations, there have been fans asking if he would still be appearing at these events. reached out to Wizard World this morning to ask if Stan Lee was still scheduled to appear at their events, and their response was, “He is scheduled to attend our events, yes.” Update: We just got another update from Wizard World in regards to the Portland show, "Update for Wizard World Portland: due to scheduling issues, Stan Lee will only be appearing Saturday, February 23, all day"

We also reached out to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo after the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention cancellation, and their response earlier this week was, “Stan is fine.  Things come up you know.  Anyways the best way to know that Stan is fine is to check his twitter or fb because he personally sends all tweets! : )”