Is Morris Chestnut Going To Play Black Panther?

Morris Chestnut Black PantherThere's a new rumor that Morris Chestnut is in the running to play Black Panther in a Marvel Studios movie. Morris Chestnut has long been one of the fan favorites for the Black Panther role, but the source of this latest rumor is none other than Morris Chestnut himself.

Earlier today, Morris Chestnut tweeted, "It's time to get familiar with the Black Panther character!" Chestnut also posted the same message to his Facebook page with the cover image of Black Panther #8.

Many of Morris Chestnut's fans have taken his message as confirmation that he's landed a role as Black Panther, and they are congratulating him on the new role. Of course, getting familiar with a character doesn't necessarily mean someone is going to play that character in a movie, but it's probably a safe bet that Chestnut has either landed the role, is auditioning for the role, or is campaigning for the role.

The big question is will Marvel Studios be producing a standalone Black Panther movie or including Black Panther in another Marvel Studios movie. Our bet is that Black Panther will be introduced in Avengers 2. It's about the right time for Joss Whedon to start making decisions on any additions he might be making for the Avengers sequel, and it's interesting that Morris Chestnut chose to post an image of a Black Panther comic that showed Black Panther with other Avengers.

If Morris Chestnut does or has already landed the role with Marvel Studios, it will not be his first appearance in a comic book movie. Morris Chestnut plays Sergeant Marcus Williams in this summer's Kick-Ass 2.