Digimon Adventure tri.: Future

09/20/2018 Action (Genre) / Adventure (Genre) / Animation (Genre) / Sci-Fi (Genre) / Anime (genre) Rated: Not Yet Rated Directed By: Keitaro Motonaga Writers: Yuko Kakihara / Akiyoshi Hongo Composers: Go Sakabe Buy Tickets powered by Fandango Watch Trailer
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The end of the world has begun. The rampaging Meicoomon, now fused with Gatomon, has changed into the powerful Ordinemon. As foretold by Yggdrasil, the Digital World engulfs the Real World. Confronted by impending doom, the DigiDestined resolve to face it head on. With Taichi's absence, Yamato takes his place: "We will do what must be done to save the world!" Gabumon encourages Yamato and Agumon firmly believes Taichi will return. Homeostasis, in order to deal with the uncontrollable Ordinemon, executes the final plan for the Real World. To prevent the coming destruction, the DigiDestined and their partner Digimon continue their frantic fight. "All light lies within Meicoomon..." Gatomon's voice reaches a despondent Hikari. The time to make the final decision has arrived.

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