2000 AD Exclusive Fall Preview: A Perfect Jumping On Point

2000 AD Fall 2019 Preview - Cover
(Photo: 2000 AD)

If you’re not familiar with 2000 AD, you have that in common with many American comic book readers. However, it’s all but certain that you’ve heard about many of the incredible creations to emerge from the British anthology series, including Judge Dredd. 2000 AD has been a staple of science fiction comics since it debuted in 1977. The series continues to highlight both existing legends and some of the hottest new talents in comics today, making it something of an underappreciated treasure in the United States. That’s also why we’re proud to present our readers with an exclusive look at the cover of Prog 2150, a new issue coming this fall perfectly designed for new readers.

The complete cover, at the bottom of this article, was created by artist Joseph Michael Linsner and spotlights Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson. However, the complete issue features a wide array of both familiar and new creations from an impressive collection of talent. You can also find a complete line up for the entire issue below, including titles, creators, and synopses.

Be sure to contact your local comic book store and let them know if you’re interested in checking out 2000 AD Prog 2150, available on September 25 in the United Kingdom and October 16 in North America.

Judge Dredd: Guatemala

Created by John Wagner & Colin MacNeil

Dredd leads a team into Guatemala, which is now a rogue state following a robot revolution. It’s believed the preening, unpredictable droid ‘El Presidente’ has nuclear missiles targeted at Mega-City One – and Dredd must knock them out of action before they’re launched!

Brink: Hate Box

Created by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard

Habitat Security Division officer Bridget Kurtis has been assigned to the Salma Habitat following her sect-crime investigations. When she follows the clues in what looks like a gang murder, she realises it’s more than just turf war…

Defoe: The Divisor

Created by Pat Mills & Stewart Kenneth Moore

In seventeenth-century London, attempts are being made to be the first on the moon, the rockets built via supernatural guidance from beings known as the Selenites. Zombie-hunter Titus Defoe discovers that an ancient evil is also trying to manipulate mankind into going into space…

The Fall of Deadworld: Doomed

Created by Kek-W & Dave Kendall

As the Dark Judges continue their decimation of the populace, the Soviets see the opportunity to attack the weakened enemy – but their invasion becomes a desperate battle against an undead force…

Hope: Under Fire

Created by Guy Adams & Jimmy Broxton

In an alternate 1940s New York, following a Second World War in which magic was used to defeat the enemy, cop turned private investigator Mallory Hope has been contacted by an old soldier colleague, Alberto Modi, who’s now a criminal kingpin. He wants Hope to find who’s been stealing from him – but Modi deals in magic…

Anderson, Psi-Division: Judge Death The Movie

Created by Alan Grant & Jake Lynch

When she finds a body missing his heart, Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson refuses believe that Judge Death is back in town, despite the victim’s final thoughts. Could it have something to do with a new movie that’s being filmed?

Sinister Dexter: Waiting in Chairs

Created by Dan Abnett & Steve Yeowell

Hitman Finnigan Sinister waits for news about his hospitalised partner Ramone Dexter, severely injured following an assault by mysterious gunmen. He believes that something serious is going down on the streets of Downlode…

Future Shocks: Restructuring


Created by Karl Stock & Will Simpson

In a future where humans are slaves for ‘the Family’ – a vast factory, run by robotic Overseers – one young woman seeks to rebel…

Prog 2150 cover
(Photo: 2000 AD)