DC's Three Jokers Takes a Major Batman Villain Off the Board

The first issue of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's highly-anticipated new series, Batman: Three Jokers, finally hit the shelves on Tuesday morning, giving DC Comics fans their first chance to see what the new story was all about. Being that it's a part of DC's Black Label, everyone expected it to be a violent affair. What no one expected, however, was the shocking moment that fills the final pages of the first issue. Thanks to Jason Todd, Batman: Three Jokers #1 ends on a grim and grisly note, one that will likely stick around in the minds of fans for quite a long time.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Batman: Three Jokers #1. Continue reading at your own risk...

As you probably know, the premise of Three Jokers is a case involving the separate versions of the Joker that were teased back in Rebirth #1. One of those Jokers killed Bruce Wayne's parents (The Criminal), one shot Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke (The Comedian), and one seemingly killed Jason Todd (The Clown). At the end of this first issue, the trio of heroes capture the Clown Joker at Ace Chemicals. When Batman leaves, Jason gets into it with Joker, eventually shooting him in the head.

Despite cries from Barbara, Jason Todd finally gets his revenge and kills the Joker who took his life all those years ago.

batman three jokers death
(Photo: DC Comics)

Joker taunted Jason into killing him, telling him the story of the time the roles were reversed. When Joker nearly killed Jason, the young Robin begged for his life, pledging loyalty to Joker in exchange for another chance to live. While Jason believes he didn't follow down that path, Joker makes it clear that he did. Why else would Jason take on Joker's original mantle, the Red Hood?

Unfortunately for Jason, this act isn't likely to bring him any closure. In addition to whatever damage this could do to his already fragile psyche, the Joker he killed may not even be the one that killed him in the first place. In the final line of the issue, Jason says, "I hope that's the right one."

What did you think of the first issue of Batman: Three Jokers? How do you think the Dark Knight of Gotham will react when he finds out what Jason did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!