Iron Man Battles an Omega Level X-Men Member In New Marvel Preview

Iron Man is going to fight one of the most powerful X-Men around - Storm!


Iron Man has been getting more and more active in the X-Men Universe, and the latest Marvel Comics preview shows the armored Avenger taking on an Omega-level mutant in battle! 

The preview for Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 shows Tony Stark/Iron Man going up against X-Men's Storm, in part two of the new Marvel story arc "Contest of Chaos." If you haven't been keeping track, there's a synopsis for Contest of Chaos below!

Recently rejuvenated and more powerful than ever, Agatha has more stake in the future of the Marvel Universe than ever before, and readers and characters alike are about to see just how committed she is to reshaping Marvel magic! The drama kicks off in ... SCARLET WITCH ANNUAL #1, a CONTEST OF CHAOS prelude issue, by SCARLET WITCH writer Steve Orlando and artist Carlos Nieto. After stealing something dark and dangerous from her former pupil, Agatha unleashes her corruption on various unsuspecting heroes!

Crafted by writer Stephanie Phillips, CONTEST OF CHAOS will be an interconnected saga told across eight thrilling Annuals starting in August. Featuring the writing and art of various all-star industry talent, each CONTEST OF CHAOS ANNUAL will spotlight an intense showdown between two characters as the forces of chaos compel them to go head-to-head! Throughout the eight oversized issues, Phillips and artist Alberto Foche will reveal more and more of Agatha's twisted scheme in bonus backup stories.

The preview for Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 shows that Tony Stark and Ororo Munroe are both called to a remote mystical cave by Agatha Harkness's corrupt magic. Upon entering the cave, the effects of the bad magic quickly have Storm and Iron Man bickering, then arguing, with Tony finally seeming to snap and fire off a repulsor blast at Storm. 

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The key to any good superhero duel is finding good context for it to even happen in the first place – and at the very least "Contest of Chaos" has a viable (if not flimsy) excuse for making this matchup happen. Storm has seen her abilities and status jump to god level during the X-Men's Krakoa era – but Iron Man may be the one person who turns the fury of her weather powers into the same power that could challenge her. Then again, Iron Man is currently one of the biggest allies mutantkind has, so we know this fight will almost certainly end amicably. 

Could it be the lead-in to how Iron Man's armor gets an X-Men upgrade? Storm remarking on Tony's battle-damaged armor hints that it could... 

Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 Preview

IRON MAN VS. STORM! When the forces of chaos move upon our heroes, the past, present and future come crashing in on them—and only one can emerge victorious! The might of human ingenuity versus the power of the natural universe: IRON MAN battling STORM is a clash of titans you won't want to miss!

Invincible Iron Man Annual #1
Written by
: Jason Loo
Art by: David Cutler, Bryan Valenza
Cover by: Francesco Mobili
Page Count: 28 Pages
Release Date: August 16, 2023

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 will be on sale this week from Marvel Comics.