Jesse Hamm, Marvel, DC Comics and Independent Artist, Has Died

Comic book artist Jesse Hamm has died. Hamm's wife, Anna Sahrling-Hamm, broke the news today via [...]

Comic book artist Jesse Hamm has died. Hamm's wife, Anna Sahrling-Hamm, broke the news today via Twitter, stating that her husband suffered a blood clot in his lung. During the course of his career, Hamm worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Dynamite Entertainment. At Marvel, he provided art for an issue of Hawkeye, working with fellow artist Steve Liber and writer Matt Fraction. He also drew Batman '66 #27, an issue of DC Comics' continuation of the classic Batman television series. He drew for Dark Horse Comics' Plants vs. Zombies series and for Dynamite Entertainment's Flash Gordon comics.

Hamm also shared his knowledge of art with others. He wrote a series of instructional essays called "Carousel" for the San Diego Comic-Con website. He published several collections of art tips on Gumroad and shared them through his Tips from Jesse Hamm Twitter account. He also created essays about creating comics and released them through his Patreon.

Jesse Hamm Art
(Photo: Jesse Hamm)

Hamm's sudden death shocked the comics community. Artist Declan Shalvey shared on social media, "My god, so stunned to hear that @jesse_hamm has died. Been a good art pal over the years, he was such a wonderful student of the comics art form, becoming a great teacher to us all in the process. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. I'm in shock... RIP Jesse."

Mitch Gerads wrote, "Absolutely shocked and saddened hearing about the sudden passing of @jesse_hamm. An amazing artist who was always there for you with help or advice on anything art related. Also funny as hell! All my best thoughts to his friends and family. Geez, it's not fair out there."

John Allison shared, "Devastated to hear that @jesse_hamm has died. I met him nearly 20 years ago and his work and advice have been a constant influence on me. I've had so many breakthroughs in the last few years thanks to his tips. We were lucky to have him."

Zack Davisson wrote, "Just heard that @jesse_hamm has passed, and I can't believe it. He was just an amazing human being. An artist. A teacher. A humorist. My last interaction with him was when he did a humorous Conan "Plop" for me. Such a loss." He then added, "Life is immensely fragile, people. Don't waste precious seconds on hate and make sure those people you love know damn well how you feel."

Kyle Starks wrote, "I am absolutely gutted to hear about the passing of @jesse_hamm - he and his wife were kind enough to open their house to me to attend a con years ago. He was wonderful, sweet soul and an immense under recognized talent. My heart goes out to his family. A great loss for all."