King Spawn Creative Team and Cover Revealed by Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane has revealed new details, including the creative team, for King Spawn, the first [...]

Todd McFarlane has revealed new details, including the creative team, for King Spawn, the first new Spawn series since McFarlane launched the original title with Image Comics in 1992. As part of Spawn's Universe expansion, artist Javier Fernandez and writer Sean Lewis will helm King Spawn when it launches. Fernandez is best known for his DC Comics work, where he's drawn Batman, Nightwing, Detective Comics, Justice League, and Green Arrow. Lewis is known for co-creating Image Comics series, including Bliss, The Few, and Coyotes. McFarlane named a handful of other creators, himself included, who will be contributing, and revealed Puppeteer Lee's cover to King Spawn #1, which you can see below.

"ANNOUNCING the creator line-up for the 1st NEW monthly Spawn comic in 30 years... KING SPAWN #1 !," McFarlane tweeted. "Artist, @javierfdezart & writer @SeanChrisLewis will be lending their talents along with McFarlane, [Brett] Booth, [Stephen] Segovia, FCO [Plascencia], [Marcio] Takata, [Philip] Tan & more!"

King Spawn
(Photo: Puppeteer Lee, Image Comics)

McFarlane and Image Comics will release Spawn's Universe #1 in June. It serves as a primer for the Spawn shared universe line and featured artwork by Jim Cheung and FCO Plascencia with McFarlane writing. The issue sets the stage for a new multi-character, interconnected comic book universe based on McFarlane's long-running Spawn series. Spawn's Universe #1 will have several variant covers. Artists include J. Scott Campbell, creating a set of four variants, each showing one of the notable characters playing a role in Spawn's Universe in 2021. Additional variant covers come from McFarlane and a group cover by artist Brett Booth, with McFarlane inking.

Spawn's Universe will prime readers for three new monthly spin-off Spawn titles: King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and The Scorched. Each title debuts in 2021. Spawn's Universe #1 is a 52-page, one-shot issue launching on Wednesday, June 30th, priced at $5.99. The one-shot includes four stories (Spawn, She-Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and Gunslinger Spawn) focusing on different Spawn characters and introducing new villains.

When McFarlane revealed the first Spawn's Universe details, he said, "I've waited almost 30 years to be able to get to this moment. To deliver on ideas, I hope they will grow from this initial seed called Spawn's Universe #1 into a fully formed world populated with hundreds and hundreds of characters in the near future. The stage will be set with this book, and soon I'll be launching into new monthly titles for the first time since 1992. I can't wait to show comic readers all the crazy ideas in my head as well as opening up the floodgate to so many talented creators that have said they'd like to join me on this journey."

Spawn's Universe #1 goes on sale on June 30th.