Mad Cave Studios Reveals First Look at The Legendary Lynx (Exclusive)

Alex Segura and Sandy Jarrell team-up on for a new series spinning out of Secret Identity

Mad Cave Studios is teaming up with writer Alex Segura (Dick Tracy) and artist Sandy Jarrell (Archie vs. Predator) for a new graphic novel set in the world of Segura's hit prose novel Secret Identity, and we've got your exclusive first look! The new graphic novel is titled The Legendary Lynx and expands the world of the original story with "previously undiscovered" material, though fans who just want to jump into this world for the first time will find plenty to love as well. You can find the new cover in the image below, and the graphic novel will land in bookstores and comic stores this November.

"I became obsessed with the untold story of Carmen Valdez as co-creator of The Legendary Lynx, and learning out how to bring Carmen, Doug Detmer, and Harvey Stern's fantastic creation back into print in the way it deserves," said Alex Segura. "With Sandy and the team's help, we've been able to not only snag the rights to reprint these long-lost stories, but with Carmen and the Detmer estate's blessing, we've been able to remaster and repackage these wonderful comics so they look their absolute best, and are celebrated in the way they truly deserve."

(Photo: Mad Cave Studios)

"Mad Cave – based in Miami, where Carmen (and I) hail from – is the perfect partner to help make this happen, and I'm so excited for readers to discover these lost tales and experience the stunning art of Doug Detmer and Carmen and Stern's influential story for the first time," Segura said.

What Is The Legendary Lynx About?

"Welcome to Triumph City. A city plagued by corruption and crime, where every alleyway and dark corner holds a deadly secret. The lone figure, standing against the onslaught of crime, is a savvy crimefighter known as the Lynx – sworn to protect the city that forged her.

By day, she's Claudia Calla, a quiet secretary at Triumph City's biggest paper. A woman haunted by a dark tragedy that has pushed her toward taking on the mantle of the Lynx – to prevent others from experiencing the same pain she's dealt with. But when a specter from her earliest days returns, asking for her help against a cabal of dark forces, the Lynx must choose between her heroic responsibilities and her debt to a dear friend."

You can continue the adventures of Lynx in Segura's new novel Alter Ego, where Annie Bustamante revives the character and throws them into the mysteries of where the Lynx came from and where they are now. Alter Ego releases on December 3rd from Flatiron Books, while The Legendary Lynx releases in bookstores on November 12th and then in comic stores on November 13th.

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