Marvel Kills Doctor Strange, Again

Marvel has killed Doctor Strange – again. Earth's Sorcerer Supreme's death was the entire catalyzing reason for Marvel's comic book event series The Death of Doctor Strange, but as it turns out, there was even more Doctor Strange death than they ever bargained for! (WARNING: Death of Doctor Strange #5 SPOILERS Follow!) The finale of The Death of Doctor Strange actually takes readers on something of a rollercoaster ride, with Doctor Strange actually traversing the line of life and death several times over. Like so many things in Marvel Comics, the explanation is rather fantastical and convoluted – so let's break it down: 

The penultimate chapter of Death of Doctor Strange revealed who actually killed Stephen Strange, with the culprit being his old foe Kaecilius. Kaecilius killed Strange and framed Mordo for the murder, while also taking Strange's magic power by literally taking his hands. In the final chapter, Strange's younger self (whom he preserved as a 'temporal duplicate') turns the tables on Kaecilius: he can't match the villain's magic might or breach his defenses, but he can do something that Kaecilius never thought of: show compassion. 

Instead of trying to hurt Kaecilius, Young Strange uses a healing spell on him – a spell that restores Strange's severed hands into the full-bodied resurrection of modern-day Doctor Strange! United, old and young Doctor Strange both battle the dreaded Peregrine Child and the Three Mothers – with help from The Avengers, X-Men, and a group of Sorcerers Supreme). 

The crux of Doctor Stranges' plan comes down to sacrifice: Young Strange uses his Astral Form to let the Child consume him and uses the entity's own magical reserves to destroy it. The Peregrine Child is teleported to another realm to die – and Young Strange has to go on that final ride, as well. 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Young Strange "dies" thinking his sacrifice is a noble one; however, Old Strange knows better: cheating death is not such an easy feat. Young Strange's restoration spell wasn't enough: Death still wants Old Strange and takes him back. Before he goes, Strange pledges his love for Clea again, as well as his faith in her: he gives her the Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation, marking Clea as Earth's new Sorcerer Supreme

And so: The Death of Doctor Strange killed Doctor Strange, brought him back, brought him back again, and then killed them both off. So yeah, based on this comic's titular promises we definitely got our money's worth. 

The Death of Doctor Strange is now on sale from Marvel Comics.