Marvel Reveals New Designs for Carnage-Infested Symbiotes

Marvel brought a thrilling end to its symbiote-infused opus King in Black just a few weeks ago, [...]

Marvel brought a thrilling end to its symbiote-infused opus King in Black just a few weeks ago, but there is more symbiote chaos on the horizon, and now we have our real first look at some of what's in store. Following Absolute Carnage and King in Black will be Extreme Carnage, a new event that will bring Carnage back into the fold but also his younger siblings, which include Phage, Scream, Lasher, Riot, and Agony. It will also include another symbiote yet to be revealed, though that could end up being the new Venom or perhaps Flash Thompson. We'll have to wait and see on those, but we did get new designs for the book from artist David Nakayama, and you can definitely see the Carnage-influences across all four of them.

The redesigns are for Lasher, Agony, Riot, and Phage, and we'll start with Lasher, who goes from the two-tone green to a much more dynamic gree that fades into the Carnage-style red. Smaller Carnage-like tendrils surround Lasher's own tendrils, which featured red spikes at the end. Then we have Agony's new suit, which fades from purple to red but in a slightly different way, though the coolest part of this design is the face, which is pulled back as stretches and extends into her long wavy hair.

Then we have Riot, who sticks out just because of how large he is and how pronounced the red is on his chest and face. He also has red that extends from his chest and shoulders through the long blade he's formed on his right hand, which has heavy Carnage-style effects towards the top of the blade. Last but not least we have Phage, who keeps the orange in his original suit but then fades into red like the others. He also has red in the claws extended from his left hand.

All that's left is Scream, and odds are we'll get a design soon. You can check them all out in the post above.

As for Extreme Carnage, here's the official description for the series. "The Life Foundation symbiotes have always tried to reconcile the sometimes-noble intentions of their hosts with the often-bloodthirsty impulses of the symbiotes. But the Life Foundation symbiotes aren't the only symbiotes who find themselves reinvented after King in Black and Carnage has plans for his younger siblings."

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