Snow Angels: Jeff Lemire and Jock Introduce The Snowman

As their fourth and final character reveal with, Jeff Lemire and Jock are giving our [...]

As their fourth and final character reveal with, Jeff Lemire and Jock are giving our readers their first look at The Snowman from their upcoming, creator-owned series Snow Angels, which will debut through ComiXology next month. In the first week, fans to got to see a little bit of how characters interact with the world of Snow Angels, with a first look at The Trench. Last week's second installment introduced Milliken and Mae, who look to be two of the series' protagonists. Last week was the stoic-looking Father, who has a brooding look to him that could position him either as a powerful ally to the heroes, or as a villain enitrely.

Now, it's time for a look at The Snowman. This is the most "comic-booky" of all the looks for sure, and a menacing vibe that will likely make him a fan-favorite whether or not he's a good guy.

You can check him out here:

(Photo: ComIXology/Jock)

The wallpapers are designed for use on mobile devices, and appear in that aspect ratio (y'know -- like a comic book!), so if you want to use it on your computer desktop you're going to have get creative. Of course, Jock's striking visual style has found its way onto plenty of lock screens over the years without anybody holding your hand through it.

"If you're looking forward to Snow Angels by Jeff Lemire and Jock, arriving in 2021 from comiXology Originals, we have just the thing to satiate you until next year's release," the published teased earlier this month, when the first of these new looks came in.

Both Jock -- who has created some Batman and Judge Dredd work that has become etched in the pop culture consxciousness -- and Lemire, the genius behind comics like Underwater Welder and Sweet Tooth, have strong voices in the comics space. Either of them would be a big "get" for a publisher, so putting the two together not only makes Snow Angels an anticipated event, but also begs the question: what the heck would a collaboration between these two guys actually look like? Luckily, with a few months yet before the comic will start to be released, ComiXology is starting, bit by bit, to reveal parts of the answer.

Clean versions will be rolling out weekly to subscribers of the ComiXology Originals newsletter, beginning last week with The Trench, also seen here. You can find the series on ComiXology in 2021.