New Stranger Things Comic Book Series to Answer Mysteries About Season 3

One of the major draws of Netflix's Stranger Things is the number of mysteries it presents to [...]

One of the major draws of Netflix's Stranger Things is the number of mysteries it presents to audiences, allowing viewers themselves to discuss various plot details among one another to come to their own conclusions, with a new comic book series from Dark Horse set to detail Dustin's experiences at Camp Know Where and possibly clue fans in to details only vaguely brought up during Season Three of the series. One of the biggest mysteries about his time at the camp was answered in the season finale when audiences met his seemingly fictional girlfriend, but the upcoming series will surely add even more information about that unexplored point in time.

The four-issue Stranger Things: Science Camp is described, "Dustin arrives at Camp Know Where to navigate the new social hierarchy without the support of his Hawkins adventuring party. While also faced with nerdy bullies, a new menace haunts the young scientists and camp counselors. A mysterious figure with sinister intent arrives to disrupt the serene woodland scene. The solution won't take rocket science, but Dustin will have to get on the same wavelength as the other campers before tensions reach a boiling point."

The series is written by Jody Houser with art by Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne, and Marissa Louise. Houser is no stranger to the world of the series, having written a number of other mini-series spinoffs for the show, but what makes this new comic sound fascinating is that it will likely be grounded in more mundane adventures. Other series have chronicled Will's time in the Upside Down or the adventures of teens who underwent experiments similar to those Eleven was subjected to, allowing those books to explore all manner of otherworldly events. Given that Dustin went to this camp between Season Two and Three and he never brought up any life-threatening situations, this new book will likely be more light-hearted than those adventures that delve into the horror and sci-fi themes of the narrative.

stranger things science camp comic book series
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While the new series might not fully unravel all corners of the fictional universe, it's the only Stranger Things content fans can look forward to in the future. Shooting on Season Four began earlier this year, only to quickly be shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some movies and TV shows are set to head back into production in the coming weeks, but it's unclear when the series will resume shooting, with these delays possible confirming that the new season won't premiere until 2021.

Stranger Things: Science Camp goes on sale September 30th.

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