Stranger Things Creators Tease Major Guest Stars for Season 4

With the growing popularity of Stranger Things has come an opportunity for the Netflix hit to [...]

With the growing popularity of Stranger Things has come an opportunity for the Netflix hit to showcase major guest stars in some form. Take the show's third season for example — in addition to having an all-star cast, the series enlisted Cary Elwes in a recurring role. According to the Duffer Brothers, the guest stars are only going to get bigger. In a recent interview with Deadline, the creators of the show said fans should wait and see what they have planned for the upcoming fourth season.

"We have a couple of cool ones this year," the duo told the trade. "It's a really fun way to meet one of your icons. You know, write a part for them and see if they want to do it."

In the same chat, the brothers revealed they have an ending in mind for the series, though they're not sure when that will come. As of now, Netflix has only ordered the series through its fourth season.

"We like to look at each season as kind of its own complete story. We do have a pretty large mythology," Matt Duffer said. "I think when we were developing Season 1 — and to Netflix's credit, they sort of pressured us to make sure we had this mythology really hammered out — we had like a 25-page sort of Stranger Things mythology that only maybe a small handful of people have seen. So season by season, we're kind of turning the page and revealing a little bit more and more."

"So we do have a general sense of where we're going," he continued. "We've known the ending of the show for quite a while."

Though little has been revealed about Stranger Things 4 — it is the closest thing Netflix has to event programming, after all — series star David Harbour previously teased it dives further into the backstory behind his character, Chief Jim Hopper.

"I'm so excited about revealing this aspect of the character," Harbour said. "It's one of the things that I've known since the first frame of the first shot, and we haven't expressed it yet. And finally we're gonna express it in a big way. It's my favorite thing about him that you guys don't know about him yet, but it has to do with these backstories of New York, Vietnam, and dad. And I'm really excited for you guys to know more about that, and it relates, of course, to things he's doing with Eleven and Joyce and things like that."

Stranger Things 4 has yet to set a release date.

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