Superman and Lois Just Announced Two New Additions to Their Family

The new era of Superman comics begins with an addition to Clark Kent and Lois Lane's family. With Superman's Warworld saga concluded and the Man of Steel back on Earth, DC is relaunching Superman with the new creative team of Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell. As for Action Comics, Phillip Kennedy Johnson is remaining on the title, with it turning into an anthology book featuring several characters in the Superman Family. Superman #1 doesn't debut until February, but this week's Action Comics #1051 does confirm the Superman Family is indeed growing.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Action Comics #1051. Continue reading at your own risk.

The "Speeding Bullets" Part 1 story in Action Comics #1051 is by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Rafa Sandoval, Matt Herms, and Dave Sharpe. After stopping some terrorists in Metropolis, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jon Kent, Superboy (Conner Kent), Supergirl, New Super-Man (Kenan Kong), and Natasha Irons gather back at the Kent apartment. Once they recap the last year-plus of storylines, Clark and Lois announce that the young Phaelosian twins Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra are going to be living with them. In other words, Superman and Lois have adopted two new kids, giving Jon Kent siblings. While Jon put on a happy face in front of company, he didn't seem too enthusiastic about the announcement.

Superman met Otho and Osul while he was helping to free refugees on Warworld. Together with the Phaelosians they were able to start a rebellion against Mongul. They are later dubbed the "Super-Twins" by a Daily Planet reporter. DC has teased Otho's importance since he's the heir of an Old God named Olgrun, which will no doubt come into play at a later date.

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Action Comics Creative Team Discusses Returning Superman's Secret Identity

The Action Comics creative team previously discussed the return of Superman's secret identity in an exclusive with

"The stories we're about to tell in Action ComicsSuperman, and Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent are a celebration of everything Superman is, from the Super Family to the Daily Planet to the most iconic love story in comics, Lois and Clark," said Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson. "Some elements of the Lois and Clark dynamic can only be there with the secret identity. And even just on a deep-down gut level, something about seeing Clark Kent in the tie and glasses again, ripping open his shirt to reveal the S-shield underneath, just feels AMAZING. It's an image that puts John Williams' music right in your ear, and you feel like you can fly. That's how we want every Superman story to feel."

"The truth is a very important thing for Clark Kent," added incoming Superman writer Joshua Williamson. "For someone to steal that from him is a tragic moment and created a lot of interesting drama and story possibilities for the Superman line in 2023. We wanted to play with all the pieces of the great and iconic Superman mythology that we all love. When this challenge was presented to us, we wanted to make sure it was not just magically being put back in the box. There are dangerous repercussions to how this happens that lead to more story to explore. And you'll see the start of that in Action Comics #1050!"

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