Top 10 Comic Books From Last Week Rising In Value Include Moon Knight, Darth Vader & More

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NOTE: THIS WEEK'S LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM DISNEY+'s BOOK OF BOBA FETT – EPISODE 3 & from the recent Marvel comic release of THOR #20. 

This week's TOP 10 should feel familiar to last week's list, with a few new additions. Black Krrsantan is back on the list with three related spots. Thor issue #20 returns to the list this week thanks to the big reveal that Mjolnir is alive and calling itself THE GOD OF HAMMERS! The Humberto Ramos Miss Minutes variant for Marvel's TIMELESS #1 keeps its streak going for the third week in a row. This week, one of the new kids on the Top 10 features the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone's sister, Lyra, in DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: BLOODSTONE #1. All three covers of this first issue are represented here. Another new addition is Nina Price, aka VAMPIRE BY NIGHT, who's trending after some possible connections to the recent casting of Laura Donnely in Disney+'s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Lastly, Elektra as DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR gets her first solo series after taking on the mantle over a year ago in Daredevil #25. While you may be wondering where Moon Knight is, he JUST missed the cut since this list populated on Sunday night. However, don't worry; he'll be very present in next week's list as his books gain significant traction throughout the week. Meanwhile, we did add a runner-up this week as an appetizer for the Moon Knight storm that's coming. Enjoy! 



#11  MOON KNIGHT #1 | MARVEL | 2014 As noted, the full trailer for Disney+ JUST missed the cut-off for our Top 10 this week. However, the quick teaser that was released on Friday was just enough to create traction for this particular Moon Knight issue that features the first full appearance of Mr. Knight, Marc Spector's suited version of Moon Knight (though he first appeared in the suit two, unnamed, years before in Secret Avengers #19). In the teaser trailer, there's a brief scene of Marc Spector wearing white gloves and a suit that resembles the Mr. Knight suit. This could be an easter egg in the show, or the Disney+ series will possibly cycle through his various styles. Note that this scene was not shown in the full trailer. Regardless, Mr. Knight's books are heating up quickly with a high sale of $380 for a CGC 9.8 and a current FMV of $40. 

Now, on to the TOP 10:


#10 DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR #1 JEN BARTEL (1:50) | MARVEL | 2022 It's been a little over a year when Elektra first took on the Daredevil mantle in DAREDEVIL #25. Back then, it was the hottest book of the month, with all covers landing on our Top 10 and dominating the list for weeks. But then, it cooled with values tumbling significantly just a few months later. Many thought Elektra as Daredevil would be short-lived (like 2 or 3 issues short-lived). However, one year later, she is staring in her own title as DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR. This gorgeous Jen Bartel cover was the star of the covers and was hot right out of the gate hitting a high sale of $204 for a raw copy, with a current FMV of $168. 

#9 AMAZING FANTASY #10 | MARVEL | 2005 Recently, actress Laura Donnely was cast in Disney+'s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. While it's not confirmed who she will be portraying, many speculate on the actress playing Nina Price, Vampire by Night. In the comics, Nina is the niece of Jack Russell, the original Werewolf by Night. It's also important to remember that it hasn't been confirmed which Werewolf by Night version actor Gael García Bernal will portray. Still, this was enough to help her first appearance in this issue hit a high sale of $650 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw FMV of $94. 

#8 STAR WARS: DARTH VADER #3 | MARVEL | 2015 BOOK OF BOBA FETT – EPISODE 2 surprised everyone and briefly introduced Black Krrsantan (BK), a Wookie Bounty Hunter. His various covers and key appearances are on fire. Though, the big question is where or not Doctor Aphra also exists. Having closely worked with BK through her various series, his appearance does lend proof to her existence and possible future appearance. Her first appearance hit a high sale of $600 for a CGC 9.8 with a current raw FMV of $199. 

#7 DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: BLOODSTONE #1 – MARIA WOLF | MARVEL | 2022 If you haven't been paying attention to the market, Elsa Bloodstone has been scorching hot in the aftermarket, with her first appearance in BLOODSTONE #1 (2001) and many of her variant covers jumping up in market value. And now, with this issue's introduction of her sister, Lyra Bloodstone, that heat instantly set all covers for this issue on fire. This "B" cover hit a high sale of $17 and is trending at an FMV of $12.

#6 TIMELESS #1 – HUMBERTO RAMOS – MISS MINUTES VARIANT | MARVEL | 2021 Miss Minutes is back in the Top 10 for its 3rd week in a row. This is still a book that fans are actively seeking. This week, she hit a high sale of $68 for a raw copy, with a current FMV of $49. 

#5 DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: BLOODSTONE #1 – IG GUARA – DESIGN (1:10) | MARVEL | 2022 As noted, Lyra's first appearance is clearly driving aftermarket sales. IG Guara's 1:10 features Lyra on the cover, making this "the one to have." It had a high sale of $300 for a CGC 9.8 (pre-sale) with a raw FMV of $68. 

#4 STAR WARS #20 | MARVEL | 2016 Returning to the list, this issue features the origin of Black Krrsantan's scar, given to him by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Speculation is very confident that we'll now most likely see this battle in the Obi-Wan Disney+ series. It had a high sale of $40 for a raw copy, with a current FMV of $28. 

#3 STAR WARS: DARTH VADER #1 | MARVEL | 2015 The official first appearance of Black Krrsantan seems to be a solid investment. While Star Wars has a habit of eliminating fan-favorite villains too soon, BK's reappearance and survival in Episode #3 bodes well for the character's future appearances and value retention. His first appearance had high sale of $458 for a CGC 9.8 with a current FMV of $48. 

#2 THOR #20 | MARVEL | 2022 The God of Hammers, free from Mjolnir, is on the warpath to possibly destroy Odin and the Ten Realms. It's unknown how this revelation will play out, but it doesn't look good for Thor. This week, it slid down one spot with a high sale of $37 for a raw copy and a current FMV of $21. 

#1 DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: BLOODSTONE #1 – DAVID NAKAYAMA| MARVEL | 2022 Taking the top spot is the first appearance of Lyra Bloodstone with a great cover by David Nakayama. It had a high sale of $125 for a CGC 9.8 (pre-sale) with raws at an FMV of $16. 

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