X-Men Teams and Krakoa Get Major Shakeup Due to X of Swords

The Dawn of X is being thwarted by darkness as X of Swords has kicked off, forcing the X-Men to [...]

The Dawn of X is being thwarted by darkness as X of Swords has kicked off, forcing the X-Men to choose ten champions in a tournament-style battle between the mutant nation of Krakoa against it's twisted counterpart Arakko. And with the battles in Otherworld thwarting the process of resurrection they recently perfected, the stakes are even higher for the fledgling country and its people. These changes will likely affect everything Charles Xavier has built with the Children of the Atom, as editor Jordan D. White made clear during a recent panel for New York Comic-Con.

White spoke as part of the X of Swords panel for NYCC's virtual presentation, where he warned fans to expect some major shakeups in the X-Men comics after the dust settles on the crossover event.

"One thing I can say, the X-Men proper as a team, is going to be hugely impacted by this," White confirmed. "That's definitely the biggest thing that's gonna come out of this – the X-Men team itself is very affected. And if you think really hard about the X-Men team in the Dawn of X era, that might raise some questions for you but I think that this will answer them."

Ever since Marvel launched House of X and Powers of X, we've seen that mutant culture has undergone some drastic changes leading into X of Swords. But while they've been asserting themselves as a major power on the global stage, they are also staving off an existential threat to the multiverse due to this invasion from Arakko. Now it sounds like this age of prosperity could be cut short.

The X-Men have also conquered death in a sense that every mutant has the ability to be resurrected — except if they die in the Otherworld. As we saw with Rockslide when he was struck down by Summoner, any mutant resurrected in the multi-dimensional axis of Otherworld will be an amalgam of all possibilities in the multiverse. Rockslide isn't the same character fans from New X-Men got to know and love, but is a combination of every version that exists across the multiverse.

With major players like Wolverine, Storm, Cable, Magik, and more participating in the X of Swords contests, there's a chance that some of our favorite characters could undergo some massive changes. So while there are a lot of possibilities for the future of the X-Men titles, the stakes just became so much higher.

The first five chapters of X of Swords are now on sale in stores and online in X of Swords: Creation #1, X-Force #4, Wolverine #6, X-Force #13, and Marauders #13.