Newstime's The Death of Superman One-Shot Is Now Available Digitally For the First Time


DC Comics's 1993 Newstime one-shot, in which the in-universe news magazine dealt with the fallout from the death of Superman, is now available for sale digitally for the first time.

The issue was recently collected in a new edition of The Death of Superman trade paperback, marking the first time it has ever been reprinted.

The issue was chock full of Easter eggs, including ads featuring DC brands like Koulbrau beer, LexAir, and more. References to Big Belly Burger and the foreboding tourism slogan "things are booming in Coast City" both appeared in the magazine as well.

In the wake of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which introduced Doomsday to the DC Extended Universe and incorporated elements from The Death of Superman, the death and Funeral For a Friend are both getting feature-rich new editions. The Return of Superman trade paperback, which previously collected the entire Reign of the Supermen storyline, has been split into two paperbacks -- one focusing on the Reign storyline itself and one that starts once the real Superman has returned from the dead. In addition to the Newstime special and Supergirl and Team Luthor #1, some of the Bloodlines annuals, which featured characters from The Reign of the Supermen, are also being reprinted for the first time ever.

Thanks to The Superman Homepage for the heads-up.

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