DC Metal: Evil Joker Batman's Batmobile Revealed

DC Comics' Metal event has introduced fans to a Batman like no other - complete with a rather unique Batmobile.

Juan Ferreyra, recently shared a look at The Laughmobile, which The Batman Who Laughs will probably use as a means of transport in Green Arrow #32's Metal tie-in. You can check it out below.

There's quite a lot to look at with regards to the Laughmobile, from the Mad Max-esque design to a feral Robin perched on top, aiming some sort of weapon. All in all, it doesn't feel too out of place, considering what fans have already seen with the dark reimagining of the character.

“The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce asking, ‘What if I killed the Joker and I found out that he has a toxin in his heart that essentially made whoever kills him the next Joker, and that’s why he’s always tried to get Batman to kill him?’" Scott Snyder explained earlier this year. "It’s one of the darkest stories that we could do."

But the most noteworthy thing is the presence of Raven, who appears to be kept in some sort of orb at the end of the vehicle.

It's unknown if The Batman Who Laughs is using Raven to power the Laughmobile in some way, or she's just a temporary prisoner that is being transported from one place to another. Fans will have to keep an eye on Green Arrow #32 to find out more.

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