'Justice League' Fans Petition for Zack Snyder's Director's Cut in Home Release

Justice League has finally hit theaters, but the film that fans are seeing isn't exactly the vision that director Zack Synder went into production with. Joss Whedon took over the directorial duties heading into the film's reshoots, and it was evident that he changed a substantial amount of the movie.

Even though most fans have been enjoying the film that was released, quite a few are still hoping to see the original, much longer cut that Snyder had in mind.

Over on Change.com, a fan named Roberto Mata began a petition for Warner Bros. to release Snyder's version of the film when Justice League gets its home release. At the time of writing this article, 1,140 people have signed the petition. The goal is set at 1,500 signatures.

In addition to Snyder's cut of the movie, the petition also calls for the planned score from Junkie XL to accompany it.

In the description of the petition, which seems longer than the Justice League script itself, Mata claims that the studio was originally happy with Snyder's film, but that he wanted something more so he brought in Whedon to help him with some scenes. The write-up also states that Warner Bros. wasn't truthful in saying that Snyder's vision would be brought onto the big screen, especially after replacing composer Junkie XL with Danny Elfman.

To read the statement in full, you can head over to the official petition here.

Justice League is currently in theaters around the world.