Barry Allen's Been Framed in New 'The Flash' Spring Premiere Trailer

Barry Allen is going on trial when The Flash returns, but his friends and family are going to do everything they can to expose the real villain, and prove Barry was framed.

In the latest trailer for The Flash's spring premiere, Joe makes some bold moves to try and keep Barry from spending serious time in prison. Despite Ralph's warnings, Joe decides to plant evidence, hoping to get someone else tagged for the murder that Barry was wrongly convicted of. Meanwhile, Barry struggles with the moral implications of lying on the stand.

If you recall, at the end of the midseason finale last month, The Thinker took on a new host and killed the body he was previously using. He left the body of his former host in Barry's apartment, stabbed in the chest with a knife that had been mysteriously sent to Barry and Iris as a wedding gift.

Knowing he was an innocent man, and not wanting to cause more trouble for his family, Barry decided not to run away when the police showed up at his door. He simply put his hands behind his head and accepted his fate.

You can watch the full "Framed" trailer in the video above!

The Flash is set to return to The CW on Wednesday, January 17 at 8pm ET, followed by the series premiere of Black Lightning.

CW's The FlashWednesday at 8PM on CW

CW's The Flash

CW's The FlashWednesday at 8PM on CW

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