'Black Lightning' Star on the Epic Clash in the Finale

The first epic season of Black Lightning will reach its conclusion this week, and Tobias Whale's goals might prove disastrous for the titular hero, his family, and the people of Freeland.

Throughout the first season, Whale has been making moves that have furthered his influence. He finally came face to face with his enemy in last week's episode, gaining the upper hand and temporarily killing Jefferson Pierce.

But with the help of his daughter's, Black Lightning, as they say, is back, and now he has the element of surprise ahead of their second showdown in the upcoming finale. Actor Marvin "Krondon" Jones III, who plays Whale, teased what fans can expect in his shirtless fight scene.

""I hope I wasn't too fat!" Jones joked to the Hollywood Reporter. "I'm a little subconscious about those kinds of scenes. But it was incredible. Throughout the course of the season, we haven't had many scenes together. This was like our second scene together ever. But we have this intense rivalry so it was great to finally be in that scene. And it was a lot of work, we didn't use that many stunts. It was 90 percent all us, that's why you are able to see all those close ups of our faces."

Jones might have taken the first fight, and now that he thinks Black Lightning is dead, he could be a little careless. That might come back to haunt him, though Jones is eager to return for a second season of the show.

But he's still not sure if it's going to happen.

"I don't know," Jones said about Tobias Whale in Season 2. "The end of the story which we're about to air in a few days, I would hope you, the viewer, the reader, will be able to answer that question yourself. From what I've seen in the comics, Tobias Whale doesn't die or go away permanently. So I'm hoping the writers follow the comics in that way. I hope I'm around and they don't get rid of me."


Fans will get to see the culmination of the first year of Black Lightning, and another epic battle between Tobias Whale and Jefferson Pierce, in the season finale airing this Tuesday on The CW.

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