'iZombie' Recap With Spoilers: "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain"

Two guys meet up at a bar. The first guy, Max, tries to help the nerdier guy attract women. They walk up to an attractive lady, and Max ends up hooking up with her. The woman wakes up the next day to discover Max dead in the bed next to her.

Clive, Liv, and Ravi investigate Max's crime scene. As Clive explains, Max ran a blog about how to pick up women, and was essentially a wingman for hire. Clive notices that Liv has tanned and dyed, and she explains that it wasn't worth fighting anymore. Ravi finds a rash on Max's stomach, suggesting he was poisoned.

Liv bakes Max's brain and eats it.

A Fillmore-Graves soldier, Russ, gets kicked out of the Scratching Post by Dino. Don E. then attacks Dino with a katana, severing his head. He then tells Dino's severed head that he's going to ship him off somewhere.

Liv and Clive interview Amanda, Max's one-night stand. Clive gets grossed out by Liv's negging comments, until Ravi pulls them aside. Ravi explains that Max's condoms were probably poisoned.

Chase talks to Major about the current problems that Fillmore-Graves is dealing with. He asks Major to hunt down soldiers who are illegally selling brains, and Major mentions Russ as one of them. Chase asks Major to befriend Russ and find out information about what he's doing.

Clive and Liv interview Zoe, an ex of Max's. An array of other women also voice dislike of Max, but agree that they were OK with it after sleeping with him. But as it turns out, Zoe is a zombie, so she never slept with Max. As she explains, she and her friend were both mad at Max, and writes down the friend's contact info. Liv gets triggered into a vision, of a Fillmore-Graves soldier yelling at Max. Liv tells Clive what she saw, and then leaves.

Liv and Levon visit Angus' zombie church, and Liv aggressively flirts with Levon along the way. They find the church empty, with a pamphlet inside. They are then approached by Angus and Tucker. They ask Angus how he gets the brains to feed his parishioners, and he explains that it's thanks to donations -- as well as a weekly meal at Romero's from Blaine. Liv is surprised to discover that Angus and Blaine are related.

Liv and Clive sit in the lobby of Chase's office, while Liv remarks about how sad Chase looks since she hooked up with him. Clive asks Chase about the Fillmore-Graves soldier that is the person of interest in Max's murder, but Chase says he can't meet him until tomorrow.

Peyton walks in to find Clive scrolling through Tinder. Peyton and Ravi chastise him, but he explains the situation with his and Dale's open relationship. Peyton is sad to find that Clive has no Tinder matches, and Ravi offers to take Clive out to a club. Clive reluctantly accepts, as long as Liv doesn't find out.

Ravi and Clive drink at a club. Ravi introduces Clive to a pair of ladies, but Clive handles it awkwardly. The women are then approached by their boyfriends.

Liv shows up to the club, offering to help out Clive.

Ravi and Liv debate about how to help Clive pick up women. Clive borrows Liv's hat, and talks to a lady across the bar. Ravi and Liv realize that the woman is acting sad, and realize it's because Clive told her about his and Dale's situation. Liv tells Clive that's a bad idea, and Clive gets frustrated and leaves. Ravi and Liv decide to go their separate ways.

Liv visits Levon, who doesn't want to hook up with Liv while she's on this brain.

Clive visits a hotel room and meets a woman inside it.

Chase shows Major and the other soldiers a piece of negative press about him. The other soldiers ask why Major is there, and Chase argues that Major is better at "getting stuff done" than anyone else. He then pulls Major aside for a report on how he's doing with Russ.

The next morning, Clive leaves the hotel room in a panic. As he leaves, he asks the woman how much he owes her.

Clive nervously arrives at the police station, hungover. Dale asks him what happened, and reveals that she actually hasn't slept with anyone since their open relationship began.

Clive and Liv visit Fillmore-Graves, where Chase pulls Max's friend out of the freezer. They tell the friend what happened, and he explains that Max's help accidentally got him arrested, because the girl he hooked up with had been turned into a zombie. The guy then tells who the zombie girl is.

Major, Russ, and other Fillmore-Graves soldiers raid the local newspaper office and shut it down.

Clive and Liv search for information about the zombie girl. They decide to visit the Zombie Services office the next day, which gives Liv an idea.

Liv visits Levon, and shares that her plan is to steal the ID card equipment for the underground railroad. Levon warns her not to do it, and they kiss. Liv then gets a little too handsy, and Levon gets uncomfortable.

Liv and Clive arrive at the Zombie Services office to look for Huma's file. Liv offers doughnuts to each of the employees, and an employee offers to give them the information that they need. She warns that it might take a while to find the file.

Clive searches through files, while Liv comes back from the bathroom. They ultimately locate Huma's file, and find out that she's actually Zoe. Liv and Clive then leave the office, but are awkwardly approached by a cop asking for a second doughnut. Liv gives him one and they leave. Liv gets into her car, and uncovers the ID card equipment from under her hat.

Clive and Liv question Huma, who confesses to murdering Max. As she explains, Max and the other zombie took away her consent by turning her into a zombie, and she doesn't mind suffering the consequences for getting back at him.


Peyton and Mayor Baracus ask Chase and the other soldiers about the newspaper being shut down. Chase argues that he did the right thing, and that reports of what happened at the newspaper are fake.

Peyton returns home to find Liv printing ID cards.