'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Think Fast"

(Photo: The CW)

"The Flash" begins with John Diggle showing up to an ARGUS facility in Central City. The guards grant him access to the facility and as soon as they let down their security systems, it's revealed that DeVoe had been using Dibny's powers to pose as Diggle.

He kills the security guards outside and enters the facility, making quick work of the guards inside. He uses Kilgore's powers to hack the mainframe computer system and we see what he's after: an apparent metahuman kept in stasis.

Barry, Iris, and Cisco are hatching out a plan on stopping DeVoe. Barry admits he's not fast enough yet to run into DeVoe's pocket dimension and Cisco says that if they split up, they might have a better chance at stopping DeVoe.

Wells is looking at Iris' blog when they notice it's gotten over 400,000 new visitors. While they're talking about the popularity of the site, Iris' phone gets a new notification from DeVoe, who's using the Kilgore powerset to try and hack Iris' blog.

Caitlin is having a therapy session with the therapist we've seen Barry and Iris go to before.

Cisco's able get around DeVoe' hack and they find out that the metahuman DeVoe is after is Fallout. Knowing that Fallout is in ARGUS custody, Barry runs to Star City and brings back the real John Diggle, who accesses ARGUS files to find out somebody posing at him checked in six hours ago.

When Cisco realizes that DeVoe is after Fallout, he says that they only have twelve hours before DeVoe's "Enlightenment" begins.

Barry takes Diggle back to Star City and speeds back into Central City. When he gets back, Cisco reveals that DeVoe is using Fallout's nuclear energy to power the satellites as a part of the Enlightenment. Cisco does some further digging and finds out that DeVoe is holding six ARGUS agents hostage.

Cecile and Joe are getting ready to go to the hospital for her delivery.

Iris and Wells are working through some problems at STAR Labs. Wells mentions that if they look into Marlize's past, they might be able to find more information on the whereabouts of Clifford's estranged wife.

Cisco and Caitlin have an idea on how to stop DeVoe: they have to enter Flashtime with Barry. Barry tries convincing them not to join Flashtime with him, but they show their science behind their theory and he agrees to train them on how to move about in Flashtime.

They begin training and on the first go around, Cisco's unable to use his powers while in Flashtime.

Cecile and Joe come talk to Caitlin because they feel Cecile's mind-reading powers are getting stronger. Caitlin gives her an inhaler which will let her relax until she gives birth.

Wells tells Iris that he thinks Marlize will join their side to stop Clifford, but Iris reminds him that Marlize stabbed her through the chest. Iris gets upset and leaves Harry behind at STAR Labs.

Barry is trying to train Cisco and Caitlin in Flashtime again. They're trying to work on scenarios on how to save the hostages. Ciscos's able to use his powers this time, but Caitlin's unable to power up the cold gun. She falls out of Flashtime and knocks herself out. When she's knocked out, we see flashbacks to her childhood where she was hit by a car while riding her bike.

Barry and Cisco take Caitlin to the med bay. She wakes up and says she's fine, but Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco that he refuses to keep training them.

Harry follows Iris home and continues to try convincing Iris to let Marlize join their team. Harry walks inside her apartment and Iris gets upset, asking him to take off his shoes because he's tracking mud around the house. She then stops to think and realizes she may know where Marlize has been hiding.

At STAR Labs, Barry's trying to run through scenarios himself. Cisco walks in and confronts Barry about continuing to train them. The two end up arguing about the death of Ralph.

Iris and Wells come in to tell the group that they found Marlize at her home in England. Barry gives Iris the last breaching device to get to England.

At the ARGUS facility, Fallout apparently combusts, releasing all of his radiation which DeVoe channels. DeVoe shrinks the chamber and goes to rush into his pocket dimension when Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin arrive.

They enter Flashtime and rescue all of the hostages and Barry rushes through the pocket dimension after DeVoe. DeVoe releases his satellites but Barry uses an explosive to explode one of the satellites.

DeVoe begins lecturing Barry on the Enlightenment and warns Barry that love might be his downfall. DeVoe escapes into another pocket dimension.

Cisco and Caitlin comfort the hostages and Caitlin pulls Cisco aside. She talks to him about the memory she briefly saw about getting hit by a car. She asks Cisco to vibe to the scene and they see Caitlin became Killer Frost when she was hit by the car, way before the particle accelerator exploded.


Iris and Wells get to Marlize's apartment and confront her. Marlize recognizes that Wells is suffering the effects of what the Enlightenment will cause across the world.

Iris talks about Marlize's past at Oxfod and convinces her to join Team Flash. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin rush back to STAR Labs, where they find out that DeVoe has compromised the facilities satellite to use in place of the one Barry exploded. DeVoe uses Kilgore's powers to hack the STAR Labs systems and he takes the Enlightenment online.