'Batman Who Laughs' Miniseries Will Introduce a Gun-Toting Batman

The upcoming Batman Who Laughs miniseries will introduce a Batman that doesn't seem to follow one of the character's core rules.

While the upcoming miniseries by Scott Snyder and Jock will focus on the evil Earth-22 Batman first seen during DC's Dark Nights: Metal miniseries, the book will also introduce a new gun-toting Batman. Snyder described the new Batman as a mashup of Batman and the Punisher, a version of Batman who has no problems using guns to mow down criminals.

Here's a look at the new Batman below:


Unlike "our" Bruce Wayne, this version of Batman picked up the gun used to kill his parents and used it to shoot Joe Chill. He then used his immense wealth to up his deadly crimefighting abilities to incredibly deadly levels. For instance, this Batman has bombs set up all around the world, ready to go off at a moment's notice.

Weirdly enough, it appears that this Batman will be teaming up with the Batman Who Laughs, an evil version of Batman that was infected with a unique variant of Joker Venom that fundamentally changed his personality to match that of the Joker's. Because Batman retained his intelligence and strategy-planning, the Batman who Laughs ended up killing off nearly his entire planet before being recruited by Barbatos before the Dark Multiverse collapsed.


The new Batman Who Laughs miniseries will pit these two Batmen against our Batman, who never really faced off against his evil alternate during DC's Metal event. While the Batman Who Laughs conquered our version of Gotham City, it was left to Batman's friends and allies to fight this evil Batman while our Batman was dealing with larger multiversal threats.

We'll learn more about this new Batman along with the Batman Who Laughs in November when the new miniseries launches.