'Young Justice' Reveals SPOILER Isn't Really Dead

The third season of Young Justice has finally premiered on DC Universe, more than five years after the show was taken off the air on Cartoon Network.

The events of Young Justice: Invasion took place after a five-year time jump, hinting at some major events including the retirement of Kid Flash and Artemis, the villainous turn of Aqualad, and the deaths of many fan-favorite DC Comics characters. But the sixth episode of Young Justice: Outsiders just revealed one of those deaths might not be true.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

In the episode "Rescue Op," Prince Brion of Markovia is getting more used to his powers over the "geo force," but still has not mastered them. But that doesn't deter him from wanting to find his missing sister Tara, especially after an assassination that resulted in a giant boulder being dropped on someone.

Dr. Jace, the Markovian doctor who monitored Brion and made him undergo the Meta-gene activation, supposed that the assassin could be Tara, given that the Royal Family's powers all have to do with geological forces.

This assumption takes the budding team of Outsiders to Infinity Island, where Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows operates. And after a conflict with the Sensei and a ninja wearing a red hood and a mask, the Demon's Head finally shows up and tells them to leave, revealing that he is no longer the leader of the League of Shadows and that he's been kicked out of the Light.

After the team departs, the ninja drops his hood, revealing a very similar hairstyle to Nightwing AND Robin. He simply utters the phrase "Gray...son?" which prompts Ra's al Ghul to reply "Your memory's finally returning. Excellent."

Uh, yeah, Young Justice might have just revealed that Jason Todd is still alive, contrary to what the memorial in Mount Justice lead viewers to believe in Season 2.

The credits list this mysterious assassin as "Red Hooded Ninja," a very obvious wink-and-nod at Todd's superhero moniker of Red Hood.

For fans who are unaware of the comic book storylines, Jason Todd was the second Robin, succeeding Grayson before he was beat to death by the Joker as part of the '80s Batman storyline "A Death in the Family." He was resurrected as of the events of Infinite Crisis and Superboy's infamous "reality punching," and then comes into the care of Talia al Ghul and the League of Shadows.

This was a major revelation for Young Justice. And though Jason Todd had yet to officially appear in the series — with his death only being hinted at in an episode of Young Justice: Invasionit seems like it will have a major impact in future episodes.


And that's not all, as Talia al Ghul made a surprising appearance at the end of the episode along with another major revelation that, just like Todd's survival, will have major repercussions for Batman and his allies.

Young Justice: Outsiders premieres new episodes every Friday on DC Universe.