New 'Aquaman' Images Reveal The Film Before Visual Effects Were Complete

Aquaman was a visual tour de force, but some new images from the visual effects team give us a behind-the-scenes look at how those sequences looked before the final pass.

HALON Entertainment worked on Aquaman for 5 months, and throughout that time they worked on a host of different sequences. They shared some in progress shots on social media, revealing several set pieces that weren't quite finished yet at the time. That includes several shots from the climactic war sequence between the Brine and the army of Atlantis, though even in this unfinished state it looks awfully impressive.

Other shots include the kiss between Arthur and Mera as the sea life and ocean surrounds them. in the final shot the camera rotates around them, and while you can see some of the sea life behind them, you can also see wires, green dots on the costumes, and a blue hand on Amber Heard's hip.

Mera takes the spotlight once again in the next shot, showing her using her immense aquakinesis powers to whip the water into tendrils around her. Again, some of the background elements are inplace, but the actual balsts from her hands and the water itself hasn't received the final touch.

The last shot shows Arthur riding his mount into battle as the war rages around him. He has his trademark trident and some of the textures on the creature are already present, but there's a lot of color missing from the image that would be there in the final version. It also looks as if he's got his hair in a ponytail, which makes sense since they had to animate all the hair digitally.

You can check out the photos above.

"For 5 months, our team of #previs and #postvis artists, led by #teamHalon sup Ryan McCoy, worked with director James Wan, the #vfx and #producing teams to bring the seven seas to life in #Aquaman. A few choice shots by our artists here. Learn more at //"


You can find out more about HALON on their official website.

As for Aquaman, the film is in theaters now.