DC Kills SPOILER In The Terminus Agenda

The Teen Titans and Deathstroke crossover has been quite entertaining for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is the odd but compelling relationship between Deathstroke and Damian Wayne. The two have both fought and worked on the same side throughout the Terminus Agenda, but all that came to a head in this big final issue of the arc, and it will definitely leave an impression on the greater DC universe. Spoilers are incoming by the way, so if you haven't read Deathstroke #43 you've been warned.

Robin and Red Arrow's prison underneath Titans HQ ended up backfiring on them after the switch to release the prisoners was triggered by Deathstroke. The Titans managed to get them under control, but not before they did some damage and involved the rest of the team, most of which were unaware of the prison in the first place.

That all led to a confrontation between Robin and Deathstroke on the rooftop, where Deathstroke told Robin he had the right idea with the Terminus Protocol (which would have killed the prisoners if they left the building) but says he didn't have the guts to go through with it, showing that Batman has infected him.

(Photo: DC)

He then hands Damian a gun to finish the job and kill him but Damian can't pull the trigger. As Deathstroke tells him Batman's ruined him an arrow is shot through Deathstroke's eye, and he falls to the ground.

The next page reveals that Red Arrow (Emiko) is the one who shot him, and the other Titans, even Robin, are overwhelmingly stunned. Now Deathstroke lays dead on the ground, and we have no idea what's going to happen next. We do know the next arc is titled Funeral for a Friend and will run in Deathstroke, while the next issue of Titans will deal with the direct fallout.

(Photo: DC)

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Deathstroke #43 is written by Christopher Priest and Adam Glass and is drawn by Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan. You can check out the official description below.

“The Terminus Agenda finale! It’s code red for the Teen Titans as their plan to capture and imprison Deathstroke has backfired in the worst possible way. Mercy Hall is on lockdown, and all the super-villains have escaped their cells! As the villains team up to take down their captors, Deathstroke makes one final attempt at “fixing” Damian—will Damian finally abandon Batman’s code to save his friends from certain death?"

Deathstroke #43 is in comic stores now.



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