Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: Everything Changes for Kara in "Event Horizon"

supergirl season 5 premiere event horizon
(Photo: The CW)

Supergirl returns tonight in its fifth season premiere, but even though the Kryptonian heroine saved the world from Lex Luthor's machinations last season and put an end to the anti-alien sentiment plaguing National City, Supergirl still has a lot to deal with. Things are changing in National City with new faces, new foes, and even a new suit for Supergirl. Ready to find out what's next for the Girl of Steel? We've got you covered in our recap of tonight's season premiere, "Event Horizon", below.

The episode opens with an out of control school bus, but Supergirl saves the day. Lena shows up and confronts her, calling her by her name and punches her into the school bus causing it to explode. However, it's a virtual reality simulation. The AI running it tells her that it can help her actually kill Supergirl -- Lena built it but tells the AI she's not a villain and she doesn't actually want to kill Supergirl, just make her hurt.

Noonan's is now sponsored by Obsidian North tech and everyone is engaged in their own augmented realty thanks to tech in contacts made by Obsidian North. Kelly now works there and is dating Alex. Brainy and Nia are also dating now. Kara is frustrated by al the tech and it's revealed that she has won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of Lex Luthor. She's also avoiding telling Lena the truth. At CatCo, Andrea Rojas shows up and Kara greets her and turns out that Lena sold CatCo to her and she's taking over as Editor in Chief.

At the National City museum a group of kids are visiting an exhibit about Krypton and Superman when one of the kids' eyes starts glowing and brings a dinosaur statue to life. Lena and Kara meet with Lena revealing that she sold CatCo. Kara is about to tell Lena the truth when she gets the call about the dinosaur situation. At the museum, Supergirl and J'onn try to fight the dinosaur but struggle and the dinosaur shrinks down then flies off in Superman's pod. At the DEO they figure out the alien is could be using the pod to create a severely powerful bomb and discover Supergirl's cape is also shredded.

Lena confronts Andrea about the CatCo situation and it's clear they have a deeper relationship with Lena planning to deliver Andrea a major story. Elsewhere, the little girl from the museum uses something from the pod to open a portal and out walks Midnight. At CatCo, Andrea reveals that there's a new staff member coming and they’re going to be all about clickbait now and they're also suddenly on new three-year contracts and if they leave, they won't be able to work elsewhere.

DEO finds the pod and it turns out they've created a Phantom Zone projector. It's all a trap. Midnight emerges and it turns out she's after J'onn. They all fight, but Midnight gets away. Midnight once sided with the White Martians but J'onn stopped her, though he can't remember how.

James visits his sister and Kelly gives him advice to consider what he really wants. Andrea introduces Kara to the new guy, William Day, and Andrea has given him Kara's story to rewrite. Kara stands up to Andrea. At the Pulitzer party, Brainy brings Kara a microscopic device that contains her new suit and attaches it to her glasses. Kara spots Lena and goes to talk to her, confessing her secret identity. Lena introduces Kara for her award and tells her that she will always be her best friend. Then Midnight shows up and Kara suits up in front of Lena for the first time. She has pants.

Midnight starts to create a black hole and J'onn gets kicked into it by Midnight before Alex dispatches her. Supergirl goes after J'onn in the event horizon and uses her powers to destroy the black hole while the shapeshifter kid watches. At CatCo, Andrea is freaking out about not having the file Lena promised when James walks in and quits.

Brainy is still scared of being a bad guy after having hurt Nia last season. She reassures him and they kiss. At J'onn's office, the shapeshifter reveals himself to be J'onn's brother but J'onn doesn't seem to know him. Supergirl goes to visit Lena and gives her one of the signal watches, but privately Lena hasn't forgiven her. She wants to use Supergirl. Elsewhere, Eve walks out of a diner where she works and is kidnapped by an unseen assailant.


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