Aquaman #10 Review - It's Hard To Be The Queen

Aquaman has been one one of the premiere books of DC's current Rebirth era, and Aquaman #10 [...]

Aquaman has been one one of the premiere books of DC's current Rebirth era, and Aquaman #10 continue to build upon the rich lore and layered storytelling that has served Arthur's kingdom so well thus far.

That said, this is probably the weakest individual issue of the book, but it does manage to add a few interesting pieces to the overall plotline. Aquaman is actually not in this book at all, though he is referenced frequently throughout. Instead, the spotlight shines on Mera, and as seen in previous issues, her journey through the ancient rites of Atlantis hasn't been the smoothest. Unfortunately for her, she might very well be at the base of an apocalyptic prophecy, which is exactly what you want to hear before you get married. This vision will be most likely form the crux of the next few issues.

Aquaman 10 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

One of the biggest surprises of Dan Abnett's work thus far has been his development of Mera into relatable being. She's as hot headed as she is compassionate, a compelling combo in the right hands. As she deals with the ramifications of the ritual, what it means, and where to go from here, she seems utterly human, and that isn't something to be thrown aside.

Brad Walker's pencils are a perfect compliment to the watery landscapes, and his Mera is similarly impressive. She's pure power in some panels and the most becoming of royalty in others, and Walker's art shines in both instances.

Aquaman 10 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

While Mera soars, NEMO continues to pull things to a halt, though at this point it's nothing to do with the silly name. Other than when Black Mantas is the focus, every other part of this organization continues to fall flat. There just isn't any pull in regards to their actions or the threat they represent, but there is an entertaining fight scene, so that's something.

Aquaman continues to add layers to its fantastic world and characters, and while this isn't the best issue of the book thus far, it still manages to plant some seeds for future stories and shine some always welcomed spotlight on Mera.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Dan Abnett

Drawn By: Brad Walker

Inked By: Andrew Hennessy

Colored By: Gabe Eltaeb