'Aquaman' Sequel Rumored To Include The Others

Some predictions are making their way to the surface for Aquaman 2, and if they are right the sequel will feature the introduction of The Others.

Aquaman was a huge hit for Warner Bros. and their DC movie universe, bringing in over $1 billion at the box office. As a result, interest is high in a sequel, and fan community The Aquaverse is saying that the anticipated project will feature the debut of The Others. Now, you might be wondering why this is noteworthy, as I say 'I want a Cardiac' movie several times a day but that doesn't mean it's happening. For that, we go to a post from four years ago.

That post, also from The Aquaverse, stated: "We've been told that 2018's AQUAMAN starring Jason Momoa will also feature Mera, Orm, Black Manta and THE TRENCH!" Now, three of those are pretty much no-brainers, but that last one is not one everyone would just immediately assume. That prediction turned out to be true, and now they are doing it again with The Others.

"THE OTHERS #Aquaman2⃣🔱 Everyone remember this tweet from 4 years before the movie came out? Stay tuned, we're going to do it again..."

Fans of Geoff John's run on Aquaman will remember a storyline that revealed Aquaman had a prior team before joining the Justice League. They resurface after some time has passed, and end up guarding the ancient artifacts of Atlantis. If there's a way to implement them into the story, even if we don't get to meet them all, they could be immensely entertaining.

The Others include Aquaman (the group's leader), Ya'Wara, The Operative, Kahina the Seer, Vostok-X, Sky Alchesay, Sayeh, and Prisoner of War. Introducing these characters would definitely shake up the power pool, as Ya'Wara can command jungle cats and Sky can communicate with the dead. Each member has their own specialty and seeing how Arthur and Mera deal with them could make for some amazing sequences.

Now, this would need to be handled correctly, as that's a lot of people to spotlight when you already have Black Manta, Aquaman, Mera, and Orm still in play, but we've got faith James Wan can make it happen.

You can see more of what we want to see in a sequel right here!

Are you excited for The Others in Aquaman 2? Let us know in the comments!



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