Arrow Star Addresses that Finale Green Lantern Twist

After eight years of fan speculation, hope, and even after a few fairly direct teases, Tuesday's series finale of Arrow finally gave fans a pretty significant bit of closure when it came to the question of whether John Diggle would eventually become Green Lantern John Stewart. It's something that makes good on a promise Arrow star David Ramsey made ahead of the finale that there would be something in the finale regarding the question but even with the epic tease in the episode, there's still a lot of questions about what comes next - and what fans really saw.

Spoilers for the series finale of Arrow, "Fadeout," below.

Near the end of the finale, Diggle is loading a moving van before heading to Metropolis where he and his family are moving. As he does, something streaks through the night sky and crashes into the ground near him, sending him flying backwards into the van. He then gets up, goes to investigate and finds a small box in the crater. When Diggle opens the box, we don't see the contents, but we do see a green glow coming from whatever is inside. The implication for fans is that the contents of that box is a Green Lantern ring.

However, speaking with the press following a screening of the Arrow series finale, Ramsey hinted that there's still very much a "wait and see" situation when it comes to that moment and what it might mean - contents of the box and all.

"We'll still see, believe it or not," Ramsey said.

Ramsey wouldn't further elaborate on the topic, nor would Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim.

"This was something that was worked out over a year ahead with DC Entertainment," Guggenheim said. "We very specifically negotiated and discussed the parameters and I feel like to say anything beyond what we have showed you would violate our agreement with DC."


While this isn't exactly the answer fans were hoping for, Ramsey's "we'll still see" does offer continued hope. Arrow may be over, but the Arrowverse is not. That means that there are still plenty of opportunities for Diggle to have a future beyond Arrow. The character is already headed to The Flash in its midseason premiere, but the move to Metropolis referenced in the finale could mean that there may be a way for him to appear on the upcoming Superman & Lois. There's even the longshot possibility that there could be more to the story with the planned Green Lantern series for HBO Max (operative word there being longshot).

However it shakes out, that Green Lantern tease was a major one in the finale and fans will just need to keep their eyes open to see what, if anything, comes next.