'Arrow': Oliver Hunts for the New Green Arrow in "Shattered Lives" Preview

The CW has released a new preview for 'Shattered Lives', the tenth episode of Arrow's seventh [...]

The CW has released a new preview for "Shattered Lives", the tenth episode of Arrow's seventh season.

The promo hints at Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) beginning his new status quo as an employed member of the CCPD, as he will be working alongside them as the Green Arrow. Expectedly, that will be complicated by Emiko Queen (Shea Shimooka), Oliver's half-sister who has been operating as the New Green Arrow so far this season.

In the comics, Emiko is the child of Robert Queen and Shado, who gets kidnapped and raised by Simon Lacroix/Komodo as a baby. Emiko grows up under the tutelage of Komodo and the Outsiders, but ultimately kills her adoptive father while he is fighting Oliver. Emiko then returns to Seattle with Oliver, living with him and operating as his sidekick, Red Arrow. Over the past few years of DC Comics canon, Emiko has helped Oliver save the day on an array of occasions, almost sacrificing herself to save him, and went on to join the Teen Titans.

While it's unclear exactly how Emiko's story will be adapted into television, the fact that she appears to be unmasked around Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) is particularly interesting, and could hint at it not being too long until Oliver learns her true identity.

If that's the case, it'll certainly be an interesting shift for Oliver, especially considering Arrow's continued focus on his legacy.

"The only thing that is left for him to do - and he doesn't need to die to do this - is he needs to leave a legacy." Amell said in an interview earlier this year. "Because we have all these other shows that exist. So whether Arrow continued on in the absence of Oliver Queen, or someone else took up the mantle of the Green Arrow... I think leaving a legacy is the last box left to tick for the character."

"Shattered Lives" will also mark the first episode since the Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" crossover came to a close, which could potentially mean interesting things for Oliver. As fans saw in that crossover's final installment, Oliver may have made some sort of deal with The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) to protect Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist). Whether or not that deal comes back around once next year's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" happens remains to be seen.

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Arrow will return with new episodes on January 21st at 8/7c on The CW.