Stephen Amell Wants Superman to Appear on 'Arrow'

Over the years, Arrow has introduced a slew of DC Comics characters to new audiences, but it [...]

Over the years, Arrow has introduced a slew of DC Comics characters to new audiences, but it sounds like series star Stephen Amell wouldn't mind crossing paths with one more.

During Amell's panel at Motor City Comic Con, Amell was recently asked which Arrowverse character he'd most like to cross over with. As Amell revealed, he'd like to see Oliver Queen and company interact with the Arrowverse's version of Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

"Superman." Amell explained. "I thought that Tyler did a great job, and I had an opportunity to fangirl over [Smallville star] Tom Welling. I would love for Oliver and Clark to eventually meet. I think that that would be incredible."

Fans have been wondering exactly what the future of Hoechlin's Superman would be, after he made several scene-stealing appearances in Supergirl's second season. And while it's certainly possible that Clark could return, it sounds like he might not do so without his superpowered cousin, Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist).

"The role of [Superman] coming into this, for me, from the very beginning, was to support her, which lends itself to being a supporting character," Hoechlin told reporters back in 2016. "There was never an intention for this to be about him. It's always about her. It's called Supergirl, and Melissa has done such a great job. For him, it's always about building her up and being there to impart wisdom when he can and support her when he can, but in no way try to make her feel like she's not capable of doing anything that he could do."

That being said, some fans have already suggested the possibility of Superman hopping over to Earth-1, either in a crossover setting or otherwise. And it's safe to say that the dynamics between heroes - especially between Clark and Oliver - would get interesting if he did.

"I think he takes the responsibility of having to do things on his own when he has to and when that's the only option, but to work as a team and to come in and find where you can contribute." Hoechlin told last year. "That's part of being a good leader as well, is knowing when to step back and let someone else lead and find out where you can serve best."

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Supergirl is currently airing Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Arrow's seventh season will debut Mondays this fall at 9/8c, following new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.