'Arrow' Star Juliana Harkavy Talks About Star City's Bleak Future

Could the flashback version of Star City in recent episodes of Arrow tie into the police state [...]

Could the flashback version of Star City in recent episodes of Arrow tie into the police state future seen in previous episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, where vigilantes and metahumans are outlawed or executed and ARGUS rules with an iron fist?

Well, probably not. Legends is, at this point, kind of in its own corner of the Arrowverse. But still, it's a pretty dark time, and things look bleak for a team of heroes that includes Dinah, Wild Dog's daughter Zoe (now dressed as Black Canary), Roy Harper, and Oliver's son William.

"I loved Dinah's relationship with Zoe, and I love her character," Harkavy recently told reporters during a visit to the set. "I started to kind of feel a little connection to the actress in real life, as a little girl, so it was really exciting when they evolved the relationship. I think it's going to continue to evolve, and I think Dinah has a very maternal kind of instinct hidden in her that comes out with Zoe, and she's also a mentor for her."

As far as Dinah's own future -- things seem up in the air. Fans have noticed that, so far, there hasn't been any use of Dinah's powers. In the comics, there was a time when she was kidnapped and tortured by a cartel, which resulted in lasting trauma both physical and mental, and the loss of her sonic scream. That raises alarm bells, especially since Harkavy seems to bear a scar around her neck area on the show.

"It's something that they've left open, which I like," Harkavy said. "You know, she does have a scar, and we allude to it a couple of times, we don't necessarily know where it's come from yet. So her powers are kind of in question, but I think that, for sure, she's had all of this time to train, and a lot of years to grow stronger."

Her present is a lot more stable -- as the captain of the Star City Police Department, her biggest concern is that she and her fellow former co-defendants on Team Arrow do not end up back in prison as a result of the antics of an anonymous new Green Arrow.

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