Exclusive: Crisis on Infinite Earths Begins with Destruction of Various Parallel Universes

The Arrowverse's upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event will borrow from its comic book counterpart by destroying multiple parallel realities comprising the multiverse, producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed in an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con.

"Basically, we're gonna begin — this is an exclusive — we're gonna begin the way Crisis on Infinite Earths the comic begins, which is the destruction of various parallel universes. And the goal is for us to adapt key moments from the comic, those seminal moments," Guggenheim told us.

"In fact, yesterday I pitched to the network what the story was going to be and the best part of the pitch, we have a board that DC made up for me, which is covers from key issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths. And we're like, 'We're gonna do our version of this, we're gonna do our version of this, we're gonna do our version of this.' Our goal is, the thing we've been saying, is we're going to make a list of a 100 cool things that we want to do. And even if we only get to do 50, we're still doing 50 cool things."

The multi-part event — spanning The CW's Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman — is "a real labor of love on everyone's part," Guggenheim added.

"This needs to be special. This is the Holy Grail of DC comic book stories, in my opinion, and we cannot screw this up."

Guggenheim previously teased the five-episode event, taking place over two quarters, will be "as big and epic and fun as we can conceivably manage."

DC Comics will also revisit Infinite Crisis, and other iconic events such as The Death of Superman and Batman: Knightfall, when it unfurls its "Tales From the Dark Multiverse" series of one-shot comic books in October. The event promises to take notable events from the DC Universe down a "dark and twisted path."

The Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths launches in December on The CW.