DC To Introduce Brand New Villain For Batman

Writer Tom King is preparing to make his first new addition to Batman’s rogues’ [...]

Writer Tom King is preparing to make his first new addition to Batman's rogues' gallery.

King's Batman series is about to enter a new arc titled "Superfriends," which features team-up stories examining Batman's relationships with his fellow Justice League members, including Superman and Wonder Woman. The story begins in Batman #36, but one fan notices in DC Comics' February 2018 solicitations that part four of "Superfriends" won't be until Batman #40, which doesn't make much sense.

The fan asked King on Twitter if the story had been delayed. King explained that he and DC Comics inserted a single-issue standalone story into Batman #38 in order to allow artist Joelle Jones, who drew the most recent Batman story arc "Dream of Me," to draw the issues of "Superfriends" involving Wonder Woman.

"To make sure @Joelle_Jones could draw the Wonder Woman issues we added a one and done in 38," King responded. "It's a Batman as dark detective issue and introduces my first original Bat-villain who'll play a big role going forward. I kind of love it."

While the solicitation for the issue still includes a cover that shows Batman and Wonder Woman together, which will likely be replaced. PREVIEWS does have a new synopsis of the issue's story, which is titled "The Origin of Bruce Way" and will be drawn by Travis Moore. Here's the summary:

"THE ORIGIN OF BRUCE WAYNE"! If Mattie could grow up to be anybody, he'd grow up millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. But what would happen if he was forced to relive the worst tragedy of Bruce's life and his parents were murdered? Batman's hunt for the killer puts him face to face with a strange mirror version of his own past."

It will be interesting to see how King's first original Batman villain holds up against the Dark Knight's famous collection of enemies and what the villain plays in King's ongoing Batman story.

Batman #38 goes on sale January 3, 2018.